Chamar Goodwin aka Fase is raised in Brooklyn East New York. He was notorious for his reputation in the streets. Things got hot for Fase and he had to make a life changing decision of signing up for the Us. Navy. After years of serving Fase experienced war on ground in Baghdad Iraq. He then went on to pursue his music career full time after coming home. Fase knew it was time to live life to the fullest and focus on what he loved most, music. Fase went on to making quite a bit of noise in the seven cites of Virginia then he packed up to further his mission and planted his feet in Atlanta Ga. Now fast forward today Fase stands a indie artist with over a thousand record sales via itunes, the owner of Dream House Studios in Atlanta and a relentless artist with top notch content blazing the social media platforms. He's currently pushing his second album "Naked truth" and have 3rd album "Money over matter" in the works scheduled to be released fall 2019. 

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