Rapper Faseworld is truly a diamond in the rough. By combining his own sound of melodic hip hop with trap and storytelling his delivery is lyrical and witty way. Faseworld has over 1 million streams via spotify, itunes, soundcloud, youtube and more ! He is the owner and founder of Dream House Studios, a prominent recording in Atlanta GA. He was raised in Brooklyn East New York. After facing a near death experience and losing his friend by gun violence, He took the chance of signing up to the military so he can see the world and change his surroundings.

He has won multiple underground awards. Faseworld has been on ABC 7 news, billboards across the nation, reality shows and multiple high profile interviews including the legend himself Dj Smallz eyes. He has also released 4 albums by the name of "Fasebook the story, "Naked Truth", "Money over matter" and "Heart Strings". He gears up to take things to the next level career wise and he's not going anywhere anytime soon longevity is in his legacy. 

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