Independent Recording Artist & Entrepreneur Faseworld will be bringing indie battle rap to the big screen. He's creating a battle rap reality TV show called Dreams & Battles. 

He will be bringing the indie world to the forefront. You will see battle rappers and ring girls on the ground level rise to the top. There will be love, betrayal , success and more ! 

Faseworld has been on the indie level for over a decade accumulating successful businesses and influencing many people to do the same. Now he comes to the forefront and gives us insight on his camp and the ones that work alongside him.  

Faseworld loves battle rap and the culture. Despite never being an actual battle rapper Faseworld has proven success musically, his career mirrors the likes of Tech9 and Nipsey Hustle. The dream was to give battle rap the culture with a twist.  

Dreams & Battles will be airing on Catch Cod streaming network. The Dhbl team is excited to let the world in. Don't take this lightly, this league is only 1 year old and is already in the likes of Chef Trez, TRex, Goodz, Eness, First lady Flamez, HeadIce, Krissy Yamagucci and more !  

Get ready grab your popcorn and buckle up this is gonna be a show for the books.


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Dream House Studios is proud to announce the production of, The Dream House.  This film is about a Navy war vet hometown hero who returns home to pursue his long time dream of being a music mogul.  His adversaries aren't just on the battle field.  He will also face challenges as a mogul.  He will experience joy, pain, betrayal, and success.  Faseworld fights to keep his studio afloat after the city bands together to shut down his establishment.  The question is, will he succeed?


We are excited that you would like to submit your music for this film!  There is a two-step process to submitting your music for review. Please read the instructions carefully.


Click the Paypal link below. You will be redirected to Paypal for payment.   

If you would like to submit more than one (1) song, you would have to submit a separate payment.

STEP 2 :

Artist will be sent a confirmation email and request for MP3 file or music link once payment has been made. (Due to high volume of submissions, please allow up to 24 hours for email request.) 

When submitting your music please include the following: 

Artist Name, Song Title, and Song Description. 

Artist will be notified via email if selected.






By submitting music, artists, artist's agents or managers are confirming that the artist(s) owns all rights of such. And agree to allow The Dream House film to utilize submitted material for the purpose of producing a soundtrack for the film.