Rapper Faseworld aka Fase grew up in Brooklyn, East New York. As a young child growing up in the crack epidemic walkingout of his front door bypassing people strung out on drugs was a daily norm.  Poverty, violence,and gangs surrounded him throughout his adolescence.  Music was his outlet.  He started writing rhymes and poetry inside of his notebooks and then gathered enough courage to start a group that was managed through his father.  The group was short lived, however its biggest accomplishment was being able to open up for Salt N Pepper. When the group ended, Fase went back to what he knew, the streets.  He didn’t know that life outside the concrete jungle could offer him a different life,a better life, after all, this was home. It wasn’t until he, himself had a near death exeperience resulting in his friend being murdered in front of him.  This was an awakening that changed his life forever. 

After graduating high school, Fase decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy. The military gave him an opportunity to see the world outside of New York and it allowed him to open up to life’s new adventures.  Throughout his time serving his country he continued to write music and pursue his musical interest. Going to combat and growing up in Brooklyn had its similarities and Fase was able to easily advance in the military and gain recognition for his exemplary work ethic.  His time on and off the battlefield has allowed him to look at life with a new perspective. This new outlook on life taught him that he only gets one life and he should do it doing what he loves the most! He then decided that his time in the military had come to an end and it was now time for him to pursue his career in entertainment. 

Faseworld, is a true diamond in the rough.  With the combination of hip hop, trap and a distinct voice with witty bars and storytelling. Faseworld is able to stand in his own lane. To date as an independent artist, Faseworld has accumulated over 1 million streams via spotify, itunes, soundcloud, youtube and more. 

He has won multiple underground awards along with nominations. Faseworld has also featured on Abc 7 news with a full interview and performance, Billboards across the nation , Kazi magazine, DJ Smallz eyes, Off the porch, just to name name a few. Faseworld Has 4 albums under the name Fase titled "Fasebook the story, "Naked Truth", "Money over matter", "Heart strings" and recently “Rise of faseworld” under his new alias Faseworld. 

He now gears up to take things to the next level as an artist. His main mission is to remain in the game for longevity, continue to make strides, and focus on the future. Faseworld believes in leaving a legacy and he's not a fan of being told something can't be accomplished. 

He is also known for his buy back the block entrepreneurial spirit. He's the owner of Dream House Studios and Bliss beauty supply in Stockbridge Ga. He also has 2 Uhaul franchises, A rap battle league named DHBL and Faseworld has recently rolled out his first movie script and is set to begin casting in 2022. 

Faseworld wants his followers to know life is truly what you make it and your past eventually becomes an excuse if you don't use it right. Experiences are set in place to make us smarter and stronger.


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